Our Team

David Foulk, Founder of Mind Body Exercise

After a life-altering accident, Dave was left with a 9-week coma, paralysis, traumatic brain injury, and had to relearn the simplest duties of life. From speech and memory therapy to gaining the ability to move again, he eventually found himself being trained in the disciplines of of Taiji and Qi Gong. It was through these ancient wisdoms that Dave was able to regain his freedom and understand his purpose in life: to help those who cannot help themselves. Operating as an Advanced Level III Instructor through the National Qi Gong Association, Dave is passionately sharing the tools that provided him an avenue to new life.

Due to his unique starting point, Dave and his mentors developed and registered distinct forms with the National Qi Gong Association. For example, Dr. Pat Finley and Dave collaborated on creating a sitting Taiji form to aid the disabled and elderly. He also developed a curriculum of Ai Chi, which is focused on providing Taiji and Qi Gong in therapeutic pools. From 2006-2014, Dave studied with Mark Johnson, co-founder of the National Qi Gong Association, to learn and further develop the 8 Extra Meridians into the Heart & 8 Extra Meridians form. In addition, Dave is studying under Dr. Kevin Chen who is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Maryland School of Medicine and a Professor at ShenZhen University in China. It is through the grace of his mentors, and his own tenacity to learn, that Dave continues his passion for sharing the knowledge of true healing. Old or young, disabled or abled, he has witnessed the growing, cohesive community of people who become more alive through his teaching.